Welcome to Rockhouse Mountain Property Owners Association!

Rockhouse Mountain, set on the side of the mountain that gives it its name, combines a mountain forest setting with gorgeous views and easy access to all that the Mount Washington Valley has to offer.

Visit our web pages to learn more about the area and the Rockhouse Mountain Property Owners Association that maintains the water system, roads and the general welfare of the area.

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A Message from Andy Conti, Manager of the RMPOA Water System

"I still need everyone to use due diligence to conserve as much as possible to not overload the wells since they are still low. 
With your help I hope to avoid an interruption of service if at all possible, but if necessary will do so and will notify you if it happens. We are still moving forward on the new well project and are working rapidly as possible to get it finished. 
Thank you all for your help and continued awareness of the situation. I hope to see you at the annual meeting where I hope to have further news for you all."
Andy Conti 
(Note: Further Information was later presented at the annual meeting and can be found in the minutes of the meeting.) 

A Message from David Weyandt, President of RMPOA

"Dear Rock House Property Owners Friends and Tenants. I need to ask you ALL once again to join us in conserving your water usage. We had to replace well # 2 pump last week and we are currently working to refill the storage tanks. During the long weekend we were taxed to the max. The smell of chlorine comes from disinfecting the system following the installation of the new pump, etc. Please do what you can to conserve.

Another issue erupted Sunday regarding plowing. Normally we do not plow for storms less than 2 1/2 - 3 inches. I personally drove the roads the night during the snow fall and again the following morning, and found them easily passable. I received (2) telephone calls from people not able to get up the mountain. Neither of the vehicle's had snow tires. I will remind every one "we" are in snow country and on the side of a mountain. Please prepare your vehicles appropriately, and they will serve you well.


David Weyandt

In the end ... only kindness matters."